December 2019

Tweet Did these as a quick live demo for my friend Raissa Bulhões. <3 Random:

October 2019

Tweet Still life paintings Final Sapeur

September 2019

Tweet Still life paintings Perspective and sketches from life:

August 2019

Tweet Light exposure studies

June 2019

Tweet Studies after John Singer Sargent: Applying the studies: Ballerina sketch

May 2019

Tweet Sapeur, an african queen. Personal character. Portrait studies. Random stuff.

April 2019

Tweet Landscape studies. Tried to change a few stuff instead of just copying the pictures. On the ones below I tried to create more from imagination. Final images for Maebh, the bard.

March 2019

Tweet Random sketches Landscape studies after pictures.

February 2019 – part 2

Tweet Still life studies Experimentations

February 2019 – part 1

Tweet Started this month studying some compositions from imagination. I didn’t use any reference, so I struggled SO MUCH to do this. Composition is something I have to study way more! I also did two studies after masters, one after Dean Cornwell and the second I never found who is the author.

January 2019 – part 2

Tweet Composition studies after masters using limited values. IT’S SO HARD OMG! But super fun! After Anders Zorn: After Dean Cornwell: After J. C. Leyendecker: After Edward Hopper: After Paul Emile Chabas:

January 2019 – part 1

Tweet Started the year with master studies after John Singer Sargent Perspective studies from imagination And this weird portrait from imagination. I definitely have to study more heads, specially male heads Then I started the composition studies, first trying to understand the work of some masters. I’m sorry that everything is in portuguese, but if you want I can translate it all later.

December 2018

Tweet Here are some lighting studies using simple shapes. Also started to study colors. Little colored balls to get started on the subject. Master studies: after Dice Tsutsumi and after Anders Zorn Still life More shapes to study light and color

November 2018

Tweet In November I started studying digital painting. You’re going to see a bunch of digital and traditional stuff from now on. The first studies were master studies after John Singer Sargent. Of course I didn’t forget the watercolor studies:

October 2018

Tweet A bunch of random stuff. 2 inktober sketches, an inkdancer, some heads and watercolor.

September 2018

Tweet September had two inkdancers and a lot of watercolor studies.

August 2018

Tweet Our so much loved master studies are back! Watercolor version! And a pirate based on a picture to end the month.

July 2018

Tweet On July I did the Life Drawing studies, but started studying some traditional medium to relax a little bit as well. You’ll see a lot of graphite, watercolor and colored pencils.

May 2018

Tweet May had just one inkdancer and a photo reference portrait posted on instagram, BUT on April I was invited to join the awesome team of ICONIC <3 To celebrate I did a self portrait as a pirate. Of course there were life drawing studies. Started studying heads. You’re going to see all the sweat and struggle.

April 2018

Tweet I’m kind of sad after gathering what I did on april last year, cause now I remember that’s when my “art block” or whatever happened to me started. I just hated everything I was doing and felt like nothing was good enough, so I just threw away a lot of things I did during that time. There was just one post on my instagram from April, the rest were studies I didn’t post.

March 2018

Tweet Inkdancers: Using photo reference: These two were my attempts to the challenge created by Dessamore in which you have to make a drawing with a reduce pre-chosen palette And finally my life drawing studies of March

February 2018

Tweet Inkdancers of the month: Digital painting studies after John Singer Sargent: And these two are studies from imagination I did after the master studies trying to apply what I learned: A study from photo reference. I used @marycake picture as reference Another one using photo reference, but the lighting was from imagination

January 2018

Tweet I started studying Life Drawing with Carlos Luzzi, here are the first studies. Croquis cafe: From life: And more croquis cafe:

October 2017

Tweet Inktober project: Inkdancers

September 2017

Tweet Random stuff and a painting after Waterhouse

July 2017

Tweet Started studying animal drawing. There are some life drawings I did watching my pretty dog Misa <3 Gestures: I also did some studies after Charles Dana Gibson and head studies Here are some awful, but fun studies from imagination: And some extra stuff I did that month

June 2017

Tweet Let’s try to update this blog!!! Gesture drawing: Anatomy: From life: From imagination: Master Studies (After Carlos Luzzi, Charles Dana Gibson, Even Mehl Amundsen, Will Murai and Heinrich Kley) Rendering studies:

May 2017

Tweet On May I did a bunch of gesture and anatomy studies

April 2017

Tweet On April 2017 I started to study figure drawing. These are some of the studies I did during that month.  … … Still life:  

March 2017

Tweet Hey, guys! It’s been a long time since the last post. Here are studies from March 2017. Studies from life Studies from observation: Studies from imagination:

February – 2017

Tweet Studies from life: Studies from imagination: Hey, guys! Long time no posts here. I’ll try to post most of my 2017 studies here until the end of the month and the I’ll try to keep posting every week.


Tweet Você tá querendo aprender a desenhar pessoas e não sabe por onde começar? Ou até já começou, mas bate aquela preguiça ou desânimo? Pois vem com a gente no BONDE DO GESTURE! A ideia é dar um tapa na cara da preguiça e desenhar todo dia, 20 minutinhos diários de treino já são um bom começo, por isso pra incentivar todo mundo nós do Bonde do Gesture pensamos em criar um desafio, o #junesture.


Tweet Hi, everyone! I decided to create a “virtual sketchbook”, here I’ll post some of my daily studies. Let’s improve together! (January 2017)